Pilot Camp 2017 - January 12-15th, 2017

The Pilot Camp 2017 program is an acting program where talent will have the amazing opportunity to work with top casting directors, set and live audience coaches from all facets of the business. Our impressive list of instructors work with talent of all ages and each has their own style in what they are looking for.


We have had many successful talent get their start at our acting program including Cade Sutton (plays Eli on Disney Kirby Buckets), Kira Kosarin (plays Phoebe on Nick’s The Thundermans), Ellis Ann Jackson, Abigail Blinder, Kimmy Caruso, Olivia Osteen and Rachel Finninger, Tyler Carney to name a few.


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Our program is unique for many reasons, to simplify the benefits, we have outlined a few key parts for you to review: Training, Parent Involvement and Talent Agent Showcase


TrainingAt our Pilot Camp program, talent will not only truly explore the wide variety of educational tools for commercials, TV and film, but also be able to compare notes and styles of each casting director. This is an invaluable tool for a talent and one that will be fully realized during the four (4) days of training. Outside of that, talent will work with top set and acting coaches that specialize in the youth market and who primarily work for Disney and Nickelodeon. Please take a moment to look at the bios of our amazing casting directors and acting coaches that are our instructors. During the camp, talent will eight (8) credentials to add to their talent resume. We limited the talent to 36, who come from all over the world to attend our program.

Parents Involvement: Parents are also allowed and encouraged to watch each industry pro workshop. It is not required, but would love you to see how much the talent grows in a week. In addition, Bonnie Wallace, mom of Disney Liv & Maddie star Dove Cameron and author of Hollywood Parent's Guide, will be teaching a special 2-hour seminar for parents and talent, including a Q&A. 

Talent Agent Showcase: On the Final Day, after a week full of prep, talent will be in a performance to put all they learned to the test and perform for top industry professionals, talent agents and managers.

The next Pilot Camp dates are January 12-15th, 2017 in Los Angeles. We hope you will join us for an inspirational week for all that attend. References from families are available.


Pilot Camp 2017 Instructors Bios:

Jason La Padura (Casting Director for The Descendants, Teen Beach Movie)
Irene Dreayer (Producer of Disney's The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Legally Blonde)

Ricki Maslar (Casting Director for Twister)
Chadwick Struck (Casting Director for Love Actually, Star Trek)
Mark Tillman (Casting Director for Stephen King's IT)
Ezra Weisz (Disney live audience and improv coach)
Shawn Caulin-Young (Acting coach for talent on GLEE, Hunger Games)
Richard Fink IV (Celebrity Vocal Coach and Guinness Book of World Records Holder)
Greg James Blount (Producer and Arts Educator)

Once you have applied, you will be able to download the complete program brochure, which includes the costs, benefits and more information.


The next camp dates are January 12-15th, 2017 in Los Angeles.

Questions, please call 561-412-4034.


To schedule an interview, please complete the online application, BY CLICKING HERE