Q01: Where is Pilot Camp & Casting Camp located?
Answer: The Pilot Camp & Casting Camp programs are produced twice a year and held in Los Angeles, California. The Pilot Camp program is each January and the Casting Camp program is held each June. The program is produced at the famous Beverly Garland Theater in North Hollywood.

Q02: How many campers will be attending the camp?
Answer: We limit the amount of spots for our camp program to 36 talent to insure that each talent and/or parent gets the undivided attention they need, allowing everyone to leave with enough confidence to move forward and be successful. In addition, we assign a camp counselor to work with each group of 6 campers.

Q03: What is is the cost to attend the camp?
Answer: A Talent Pass Tuition is $1995 (per camper). The breakdown of what is included in our camp program is broken down in our camp brochure. We do offer discounts for payment in full, sibling discount and early registration. Payment Plans are also available. Call 561-412-4034 for more information.

Q04: Who is Greg James Blount?
Answer: Gregory is a former model and actor, who went on to sign with eight model and talent agencies from New York to Los Angeles. While modeling and living in NYC, Gregory worked at Peter Glenn Publications and went on to buy the company by the time he turned 27. Gregory has produced projects in all areas of film, TV, print, music concerts and fashion shows. Clients have included Disney, CosmoGIRL, ELLEgirl, Rampage, Simon Malls, Miss Sixty, MasterCard, Kodak and Universal Studios.

Greg produced the famous "So You Want To Be A Model" contest which has been featured on E! News with Ryan Seacrest and included such celebrities as Supermodel Niki Taylor, Celebrity Fashion Designers Nicky Hilton and Project Runway star Daniel Vosovic. Gregory has discovered some of today's top stars including Megastar actress Amber Heard The Stepfather, The Joneses, Pineapple Express, North Country and The Rum Diary, opposite Johnny Depp.

Greg current project includes starting the Eagle Arts Academy Charter School for the Arts, which opened in Wellington, Florida in August 2014 with nearly 700 students. The charter school was approved to educate nearly 1,488 students from kindergarten through 8th grade. The school is currently building a state-of-the-art TV production studio, dance studio and offers specialty encores including art, music, drama/acting, TV reporting, dance/PE and filmmaking/animation.

Gregory is a graduate from University of South Carolina with a BA in Media Arts and currently resides in Boca Raton, Florida.

Q05: Who is Peter Glenn Publications? Why is PGP's involvement so important to me?

Answer: Peter Glenn Publications (www.pgdirect.com) is a 59 year-old entertainment publishing company with long-standing relationships with agencies, casting directories, magazine editors, photographers all over the world. One of the Directories published by PGP, the MODEL AND TALENT DIRECTORY, has been published every year for the last 50 years. The Directory lists all of the legitimate agencies in the world and because of PGP's reputation and history, agencies around the world respect PGP as the industry leader when it comes to the model and talent industry.

Because of these long standing relationships that the company has to agencies in each market, including yours, it will help us focus your development on agencies that we trust and who know our company, and Greg, personally. To say that this industry is a "who you know" industry is an understatement.

Q06: Who are the instructors teaching at the program?
Answer: Outside of bringing in our own team of core instructors, we bring in top industry professionals from all aspects of the industry to be guest instructors. Please see the instructors page for a list of instructors and their impressive bios.

Q07: How did you determine that I or my child is model/actor potential?
Answer: Based on the evaluation of the information you provided us, we looked at 3 important factors; age, geographical location and a photo/training of the talent. The only missing point we cannot determine, which is why we request a phone interview, is desire. Desire and ambition is almost as equally important that the other 3 elements combined.

Q08: Is the camp a competition? Is there a talent showcase?
Answer: No, we did not want the camp to be competitive. Therefore you are not hoping for a callback. Over the course of the camp, you will receive expert training, personalized advice and guidance, plus have a chance to explore different areas of talent with the instructors.

On the final day, talent will perform in a talent showcase for family, friends and industry VIP's, agents and managers.

Q09: How do I know if the camp is right for me or my child?
Answer: If you are serious about breaking into the industry, but really do not know how or who to trust, then you should consider coming to camp. Making a bad choice by signing with the wrong agencies, shooting with a bad photographer or taking acting classes from a program that is not recognized can and will have an effect on your success or the lack thereof.

Time is money and making bad choices because you do not understand the industry or your market potential can tremendously affect your future.

Q10: Will parents benefit from attending the camp?
Answer: Absolutely, our goal is to not only address the questions you or your talent has, but also the questions and concerns a parent has about helping their talent break into this industry. Therefore, we allow parents to sit in on each session at no additional charge to the parent.

We will help provide you a better understanding of what is involved, what should you be paying for and why, plus how to determine who is legit or not. The most important thing I believe a parent will walk away with is REASSURANCE and UNDERSTANDING.

Most parents do not understand how this works, who is legitimate and how can they help their child or teen succeed. This process is a journey. Pursuing any career takes time, dedication and having a plan, but working with the right people is key. If you want to learn about the industry, then you should learn from the best. Our list of instructors is impressive.

For a detailed list of instructors, please see the page and bios on our website. We have a list of references and success stories that we will be happy to share with you.

If you have additional questions, feel free to call our offices at 561-412-4034.